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Little Details That Can Make a Big Difference When Planning Your Signature Event

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When planning a signature event, there are many components as it relates to the overall coordination and execution for it to be successful. Choosing the right Audio Visual (A/V) equipment such as data projectors, wireless microphones, sound systems, acrylic podiums, lighting, and draping can make a significant difference to capture the experience with specific clear focal points using photography and videography.

In the beginning of the planning process make sure to include in the budget a line item for your A/V equipment. Prior to, and on the day of the event, plan to schedule a time to meet with the A/V supplier, photographer, and videographer to ensure all logistical items have been ordered and work efficiently. It’s All In The Details!

Here’s an additional tip that can make a huge difference. Plan for persons with visual, hearing and physical impairments. During the registration process include on the check list box: (1) Assistive listening device, (2) wheelchair access, and (3) advance copy of slides, and then prepare accordingly.

These two tips, choosing the right equipment and communicating in advance with the appropriate vendor staff and being inclusive to special accommodations are little details that can make a big difference when planning your signature event.

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