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What Is Your “New Norm?”

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

As we are faced with challenging times and our lifestyles have changed within a

“blink of an eye”, we must ask ourselves What has become my “New Norm?”

What matters to you now? What is being revealed within the reality of each day?

Has this time allowed daily meditation and relaxation? How about quality family

time? Are you finding creative ways to communicate with family and friends? Are

you taking long walks enjoying nature or listening to the birds in the trees? Have

you realized how much value is in the “simple things” in life? Are you

decluttering? Have you realized some of the items you want to purchase you

already have in a drawer or closet? Are you being challenged to learn and

create new hairstyles or haircut, or performing your own mani and pedi’s? Have

you discovered new gifts and talents? What are your new hobbies? Have you

finally finished your vision board? Will you start a new “what’s your new norm”

vision board?

Today, it’s time for Reflection, Transition, and Transformation.

Reflection allows us to look back over our life journey thus far and think about

and/or write down our past experiences, thoughts, accomplishments, emotions,

strengths, and weaknesses.

Transition is the process of change. Pay attention to change. Sometimes we

must rebuild or move in a new direction. How will you elevate and set new


Transformation is a change in form or


What is your “New Norm?” Starting today, Let your “New Norm” be your “New


Change is here and we must adapt accordingly. Recreate and rejuvenate.

Work smarter not harder!

We are all in this together. Choose to continue to be kind to one another and

remember the importance of social distancing.

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