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About Us

Professional Business Consultants 

Event Planners & Motivational Speakers

Founder and President Sydney R. Coles started CTE in 1994 specializing in
event planning and continues to bring superior quality of service to a wide range of clients
including professional organizations, small to mid-sized entrepreneurs,
individuals, and special niche groups. CTE's position in the marketplace is exclusively
based on a commitment of high quality, diversity of services, and the ability to
focus on unique and comprehensive details of each customer's request.

Our objective is to give added value to our customers' needs and project specific
requests. Each experience will bring the benefit of a positive outcome that aligns with

their mission and goals.

If it's consulting, coaching, event planning or motivational speaking, you can leave the
details, practices and methods with our team that has more than 25 years of combined
experience. CTE and its staff offers personalized service to make your experience an
overall success. Knowing our clients' needs, meeting clients where they are, and
possessing a keen sense of detail and business expertise are some of the many
attributes that CTE brings to each professional partnership experience.